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Wade Express is the continent of Materick's best—and only—air shipping company.

Its president, Djur Wade, travels the world on his personal cloud whale

and uses his massive fortune to bolster his pottery collection.

His is an effortless life, flitting from place to place

collecting art to his heart's content.

One day, however, Djur’s latest auction win

puts him against a conspiracy that puts the very fate of Materick in jeopardy…




The President of Wade Express

The president of the continent's only air shipping company.
Using huge whales which fly in the sky,
his company can deliver large quantities of goods quickly.
Djur is a billionaire, but he cares less about making money
than he does traveling the world aback his personal cloud whale.
An incident set him off on a journey in pursuit of nocturnes
and the Dark Orbs.

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Ice-Hearted Assistant

Secretary to the president of Wade Express.
Adept at both business and fighting,
Alcy is Djur's right-hand woman.
For reasons unknown, her emotions are dulled.
Sometimes her inability to connect with others
has lead to precarious situations.
The details are temporary.

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Little Silver Dragon

A small dragon who popped out of a vase.
However, he has no memory of why he was inside
the prized auction piece.
He also couldn't remember his own name,
so Alcy elected to call him "Goldie," despite his silver coat.
Afterward, Goldie started working for Djur to pay off the broken vase,
but what began as business soon turns to friendship.

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Protector of Dawn

Head mistress of the Tower of Dawn which guards Elian.
Yekaterina's magical prowess has landed her
among the ranks of the 10 Empyreans, an unofficial name
for the most esteemed fighters on the continent.
Though she specializes in defensive magic—the discipline taught
at the Tower of Dawn—don't expect her attacks to be weak.
That said, she's rather conflict averse by nature.

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Irrepressible President

President of Echadna, a member state of the Belki Alliance.
Dissatisfied with being an apprentice weaponsmith,
Jacques enlisted in Echadna's Sharp Shooter corps.
Before long, his quick thinking and
cool head earned him the rank of captain.
When Jacques learned of the previous president's traitorous intentions,
he led a coup and eventually ended up becoming president himself.

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Kindly Dragon of the Black Sierra

A golden dragon who lives in the Black Sierra mountain range.
Her girlish human form belies her true age.
In the aftermath of the Great War,
there are few dragons left older than Celestial.
Understanding her power and place as an elder dragon,
Celestial maintains a peaceful life and lets the other races be.
Recently—well, recently for a dragon—she's shown
a growing interest in humanity.

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